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Kevin Tewis-Allen
CMO of Street Soccer Foundation

Kevin Tewis-Allen CMO of Street Soccer Foundation Certificate

Kevin Tewis-Allen was fortunate enough to meet Keith Mabbutt, CEO of Street Soccer Foundation, early in the SSF launch. He was asked if he would help with a Facebook advertising campaign. Kevin was so impressed with the work Keith had done with just a tiny handful of people he offered to join as his CMO, intending to be pro bono for life. “I was able then to really set a global strategy at day one with Keith, and ask the key questions, how big does SSF want to be? Keith said the USA would be amazing, and with previous roles based in LA/NYC it made a lot of sense to start planning programmes, leagues, events, and the brand positioning to a future global audience – using the UK as the ultimate testbed, and growing market.”

Kevin's first thing was to reposition the brand, focus on their incredible success, and not be too downbeat and dull like so many other non-for-profits. He wanted to inspire positive change and wanted consumers and bards to fall in love with SSF to donate time, opportunities, and of course, donations. “We have fun at work, even with a sad subject at our core – but sport is entertainment, what we create is a way out, escapism, a chance to win at life again.”

Being the face of the marketing brand, Kevin quickly put his senior business development hat on and got many eyes and ears on SSF in the first year. Keith and Kevin were able to talk with top FTSE brands, local businesses, and the core sporting bodies that have been pivotal to the success, driven by, of course, their brilliant in-house team and the incredible volunteer networks.

According to Kevin, sales and marketing are pivotal to SSF’s growth, but he would like to point out that ‘traditional marketing methods were not good enough for SSF, or he guesses, in most of his subsequent roles. “We needed to ‘cut-through-the-noise’! Why? Well, my take on it as a CMO for 10 years or so, I’m so sick of dull email marketing and adverts that are irrelevantly irrelevant and spamming customers,” he explains. “SSF is both B2B & B2C, but we are still and will always be brand building! I’ve found that personal selling and superior partnership marketing are the gold ace cards in our success pack of cards.”

Brands, NGO’s, local governments, and football fans love SSF, because they are real, trusted, and live up to their company brand values – something they all take seriously. SSF is at an exciting tipping point where the cream of the crop in football clubs, soccer plays, pundits and community trusts are hearing about the great work they do and their sincere warmth for their mission and vision.

“They see, and we can independently report on what performance and results looks like, for socially good change. That REALLY ticks all our sales and marketing boxes. In my opinion, ‘we’ do this better as a tactic and strategy than any sports charity I see at our level, globally,” adds Kevin. “Growth, results literally show success, they indicate the KPI’s the world wants to see, and it’s the most incredible validation and rewarding moment when you have people stop you in the street and say to you – “how amazing our brand is and the work that we do.” It’s moments like this that money, can, NEVER, EVER buy.”

SSF’s partnership approach and understanding their purpose. The Street Soccer Foundation leadership team is a dynamic mix of individuals with various levels of experience and expertise. Every team member has a common purpose, and all understand the 'WHY.' “Why we do what we do at the Foundation: to make a difference to as many vulnerable young people as possible.”

And since their formation in 2015, SSF’s goal has been to work in partnership with the community arms of the Premier League and English Football League clubs in England to use football to help engage vulnerable and disadvantaged young people. Their partnership strategy aims to inspire and connect with local, regional, and national communities through football. As an independent charity, the delivery of their strategy is being effectively realized throughout England to achieve extraordinary impact.IE


Street Soccer Foundation


Kevin Tewis-Allen
CMO of Street Soccer Foundation


Formed in 2015, The Street Soccer Foundation is a charitable non-profit organisation which uses football as a catalyst to improve the lives of vulnerable and homeless young people across the country. Our nationally acclaimed flagship course, the Street Soccer Academy, provides the No.1 football-led project tackling youth homelessness in England: a learning and development programme for 16-25 year olds (male and female), offering selected young participants a fusion of professional football coaching, growth mindset training, and employability-driven ‘Skills to Succeed’ workshops over a series of ten sessions: all to enable course participants to be ready and able to move into Work, Education or Further Training on successful graduation.

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