Terry Boyland, CEO

Fulfilling Client Needs Worldwide

Terry Boylandhas always believed in the famous saying of Wayne Gretzy, the greatest hockey player of all time, “Skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.” Terry, the CEO of CPQi has been able to identify opportunities and market trends to make the correct strategic decisions and guide CPQi with his knowledge of the FinTech sector. His methodology was not simple but rather focused on customer needs and with his global experience he took CPQi to new heights, adding value to its clients in designing, upgrading and maintaining IT platforms for capital markets across the American continent.

“Since the formation of CPQi in 2007 we have been delighted with the response from our clients, partners and our own team who have seen us grow from strength to strength in the provision of top-quality technology services to the American financial markets,” says the steadfast leader.

" Any business that is doing the right thing at the right time in the right way can be successful. "

Over the last 10 years CPQi has built out a work class capability in trading and risk platform implementation for their partners, amongst whom are Finastra, Calypso, Murex, Openlink and Moody’s analytics. Working with clients CPQi both installs these platforms and uses DevOps models to build out other functionality for their client’s trading and risk areas.

CPQi has been proud to lead major programs for some of the world’s largest financial institutions. However,their work on the implementation of a treasury platform for Banco Original has won awards. This new bank was designed entirely as an online offering, which is unusual in as much as it also offers fixed income and derivative products to the consumer market. Major platforms for capital markets trading and risk are not designed for hundreds of thousands of users, however building offan existing partner system, CPQi together with the bank have deployed the world’s first genuine capital markets trading platform for the mass market over the internet.

For some time now CPQi has been working with Artificial Intelligence(AI) using a Devops model to help banks achieve their Digitalization goals. They have found that exceptional sums of money have been spent with little real positive financial impact by major financial institutions. The development of CPQi’s AI “Risk Adjusted Economic Value Add” model (RA-EVA) is a real breakthrough in understanding not only how AI can help but what the potential loss or gain will be for an organization. Helping banks understand that AI is about prediction, and that the costs of a good or bad prediction can be understood, is a key part of the model. Using their AI EVA Canvas they define, validate and deploy a value led AI program from inception, through development and training right into production. Alongside this, and to prove the point, CPQi is also developing their own AI models which are based on the workflows for the capital markets industry.

As Terry observes the world is constantly changing as are the economic dynamics. It is essential that businesses change and adapt to these new realities as they occur. During it’s lifetime, CPQi has served as an offshore centre for Europe and North America, has re-centered into the domestic Brazilian market, expanded from there into the Americas, moved their senior management to North America as Brazil entered recession and recently have re-headquartered the company in Canada to benefit from the exceptional market here as well as the AI specialization available in Toronto. “Adapting is key to growth and survival. Any business that is doing the right thing at the right time in the right way can be successful,” explains Terry. “However many fail because people give up too early or lose faith in a good outcome. Endurance, hard work and having a qualified supportive team are the secrets to success, which CPQi has.”




Terry Boyland


CPQi is leading provider of capital markets technology services in the Americas.

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