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Connecting Patients with Life-saving Drugs

Personalized medicine is predicated on finding the right therapeutic for the right patient. However, for this to happen one must be able to successfully characterize and interpret a patient’s unique biomarker response. Colorado based Flagship Biosciences has been dedicated to finding these patients and helping connect them to the best therapy.The company does this by using contextual tissue biomarkers to create a breadth of measurements which are used to distinctively identify which patients would be the best candidate for a given treatment. Flagship is creating a new level of diagnostics by utilizing their Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled Computational Tissue Analysis (cTA) platform to transform under performing “off-the-shelf” tests into comprehensive actionable information needed to drive better clinical results for patients.

The founders of Flagship realized that image analysis applied to pathology was a ground-breaking approach but very difficult to use for diagnosing patients as it requires a smart integration of multiple technologies. “We created a unique team of scientists, analysts, tissue specialists, pathologists, and software developers all working together,” says Trevor Johnson, CEO of Flagship. “The result of this multidisciplinary approach was Flagship’s unique platform that delivers actionable tissue data as a comprehensive service.”

" We created a unique team of scientists, analysts, tissue specialists, pathologists, and software developers all working together. "

Flagship’s proprietary and award winning cTA platform, which powers their services, has been continuously developed and improved since the company's inception. The company's cTA system, which is covered by 12 US-issued and several pending patents, has delivered useful data out of the most challenging clinical samples. “We deliver actionable data in a simple Scorecard that describes the underlying biology and best possible treatment for a patient,” explains Johnson. “It takes many steps to get this report. For example, our AI-based computational solutions, whether they be for a research, clinical trial, or clinical diagnostic application, are all related to understanding the unique and complex tumor environments of patients.”

One example where Flagship's client was able to use their services to find success was when they had run a clinical trial where a good portion of the patients had responded to their therapeutic, but they could not tell the difference between a potential responder vs. non-responder using existing tests. Flagship was able to use their cTA platform to successfully find several non-obvious measurements where the corresponding data points clearly separated the responding and non-responding patients giving significantly more insights into the biology of the treatment. The client was able to adjust their clinical trial strategy to better select patients with the appropriate biology to match the way their drug worked.

Flagship’s plans for the near future are to expand the use of their platform by opening new channels directly into the clinical market through partnerships with major medical centers and diagnostic labs. “Since we can use standard off-the-shelf tissue assays, we can partner with any lab to provide the backend analytical capability that supports highly complex and effective diagnostic tests with a “per click,” services model,” says Johnson. “A partner will get full access of our unique team of experts and technology by simply sending us a tissue image, using any publicly available format, and receiving back a Scorecard identifying a patient’s unique tissue biology and a prediction on how they will likely respond to a particular drug or treatment plan.”

This “per click,” model will also help Flagship expand to global markets by utilizing the standard assays and equipment, already located in global labs, to upload images for our unique analytic service offerings, both in research and clinical settings. “We are very excited about taking the next step to directly impact patient care worldwide by launching our platform directly into oncology clinics through diagnostic partnerships with our advanced analysis solutions,” adds Johnson. Flagship has become a market leader by being fanatical about delivering the highest-quality data and services and anticipating partner's needs.


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Trevor Johnson


Flagship is the largest tissue image analysis provider for the pharma industry, specializing in quantitative tissue interpretation for immuno-oncology drug development.

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