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Enhanced WLAN Performance Worldwide

WiTuners was started in 2011 to answer the ever increasing market need of reliable use of wireless networks in mission-critical business. WiTuners culminated into the only provider of automated WLAN optimization solution and over the years evolved into the industry's most comprehensive WLAN optimization software suite. The suite covers the optimization of wireless networks through its entire life cycle: from WLAN planning to Wi-Fi site survey, trouble shooting and 24x7 real-time performance monitoring and tuning. Today, more than 100,000 users are using WiTuners' software and the company has customers across many countries and numerous industry sectors.

At the center of WiTuners' WLAN optimization software suite is WiTuners Optimization Engine built around their core technology, the WiTuners Advanced Wi-Fi Tuning Technology, which is able to create optimal configurations for large wireless networks super-fast. WiTuners Optimization Engine has the capability to ‘think’. It continuously analyzes WLAN performance to predict the WLAN capacity, identifies performance issues and alerts the administrators proactively, and more importantly creates optimal configurations in real time that are adjusted dynamically to the information from various sources that are fed into the software. They also focus on providing customers with real values by delivering automated solutions in real-time.

" Our solution is a software only solution requiring no infrastructure changes and new hardware. This makes it easy to adopt our solution and make it a cost-effective solution to own."

Through their advanced technology, WiTuners are the only provider of automated real-time WLAN optimization solution in the present market. The technology also enables them to take into consideration many important factors affecting the performance of a WLAN while others have to ignore them due to technology limitation and lead to sub-optimal solutions. As a result, their optimization solution is more accurate and realistic than others’. “Our solution is a software only solution requiring no infrastructure changes and new hardware. This makes it easy to adopt our solution and make it a cost-effective solution to own,” says Luke Qian, CEO, WiTuners. “Our software is user interactive. Users can immediately see the effect of changes in a WLAN component, such as locations of access points or their properties.”

In an instance, WiTuners helped a major airport discovering the underlying causes of he intermittent failure of the Wi-Fi network in one of its lounges to serve its customers. The whole lounge was analyzed by means of the Virtual Site Survey (VSS) capability of WiTuners. It became clear that the significant hidden node interference within the network itself was the underlying cause. WiTuners tuned with the settings of access points to reduce the self-interference with the help of a number of wizards built in WiTuners, and applied optimization to the Wi-Fi networks in the airport lounge.

WiTuners software creates a virtual WLAN in it to mimics the real WLAN based on the information it collects via various sources about the WLAN. WiTuners Optimization Engine optimizes the virtual WLAN first by finding a set of configurations that maximizes its capacity. Then the optimized solution can be applied to the real-world WLAN. The software can be downloaded from the company's website directly and the installation and setup is straight forward just with a click.

As business use of wireless networks becomes more and more popular, WiTuners see the demand of keeping WLAN running at its peak performance at all times increase as well. To accommodate such demands, WiTuners plan to aggressively grow their business in the near future. “We also plan to increase our exposure to more geographical regions in Europe and Asia, for example. Lately, we have added more locale support of our software so that we can provide our software to more businesses,” adds Luke.




Luke Qian


WiTuners provides cost-effective software solution for the performance management of large scale Wi-Fi networks.

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