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Article: Winning the Learning Velocity Contest
By Chase Kreger, CEO of Maximize Value

It is easy to argue that the whole world is turning into a learning velocity contest.

By Andrew Collinson,Partner & Research Director, STL Partners

The telecoms industry is gearing up for the next global contest over #5G.

By Dr. T. Senthil Siva Subramanian, Head – Institute Industry Interface Program of Sharda Group of Institution

Telepresence smartly solves today's biggest socio and technological business problems thereby providing sustainable and affordable solutions ranging from domestic, office, industrial setup, healthcare, and commercial applications.

By John Gallagher, VP of Marketing at Viakoo, Inc.

As the physical security industry has transitioned from analog to IP-based systems, several advantages have been realized.

By Joyce J. Shen, Investment Director and Operating Partner, Tenfore Holdings

For most of the market and individuals not working in blockchain space directly, insights into deploying blockchain applications are often anecdotal.

By Michele Davis TEP, Head of Succession & Elder Law, Wilson Lawyers

An article has been shared a bit lately, likely because, simply said, it is tragic beyond words and, to many, absolutely unbelievable and unfathomable.

By George Holder, Innovation Manager, Mace Buzzword Bingo Innovate UK Style

Get those cards out again folks, January isn’t over just yet (somehow) so there’s still time for a quick “2018 in Review” piece....

By Gergely Stewart, Managing Director Adelphi Executive Search & Recruitment

Recruitment International provides unique business acumen, intelligence and collaboration for recruitment companies.

By yvonne zhang, CEO & founder, Aquifer Institute.

I wrote this paper as an internal knowledge sharing document last year to help those members of the Aquifer family without finance/commodity backgrounds...

By Oleg Shilovitsky, CEO, OpenBOM

Digital Twin buzzword is trending and everyone in manufacturing is building some kind of Digital Twin.

By Iliya Zaki, Head of Business Development & Marketing, Moonwhale Ventures

Remittance is the transfer of money from a migrant worker to someone back in their home country.

By Todd Fletcher, Founder & General Manager, BPO Decisions

This guide, based on my experience working with many rapid-growth B2B organizations, outlines lead generation best practices to help businesses build the foundation for and improve upon their lead generation efforts.

By Edgar Janoyan, Co-Founder, Elite Globe Digital

We have spoken about these two technologies before. But the main question is whether you are going to choose AR or VR.

By Jayant Joshi, Technology Architecture Delivery Manager, Accenture Gmbh

Well, SFDC Einstein is an Artificial Intelligence tool for CRM and to understand Einstein, it is better to start with the basics first.

By Michel Martel, CEO, Analystik.

According to Harvard Business Review, before thinking about AI and Big Data, companies should think Data Strategy because cross-sectoral studies...

By Chris Cubbage, Director, MySecurity Media Pvt Ltd

In this final edition for 2018, Singapore Correspondent, Jane Lo has provided a number of impressive articles, including reviews on...

By Daniel Goleman, Co-Director, Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations

There is an urgent need for compassion and empathic concern to play a central role in the creation of artificial intelligence.

By Geoff Works, Vice President, Five9

I’ve been intrigued by Artificial Intelligence (AI) since first reading “The Foundation” novels by Isaac Asimov as a kid.

By Lomit Patel, Vice President, IMVU

Over the past several years especially, the big craze in the start-up industry has been growth-hacking, which basically means the ability...

By Bernard Marr, Founder & CEO, Bernard Mark & Co

Elsevier started by digitising the vast troves of information it has generated in its 140-year history through publications such as The Lancet and Cell.

By Fabien Legland, Director, Crédit Agricole CIB

The Office of the Controller of the Currency (OCC) published its semi-annual risk perspective and highlight on Artificial Intelligence...

By Davinder Jawanda, Managing Director, Startick Technologies Inc,

After pondering Vitalik Buterin’s recent tweetstorm about use cases and blockchain, I had a few thoughts about the ultimate use case.

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